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Chip & Pin Services

The Chip & PIN machine was first introduced to the UK in 2004, and since then, it has become a ubiquitous part of British high streets. The Chip & PIN machines, which are also known as PDQ machines & card readers by some, are used by every business, big and small that take card payments.

Chip & PIN machines of this type are able to process transactional payments almost instantaneously and with a high degree of security. Chip & PIN machines are versatile too. They can allow a business to take payments face to face, over the phone and even by post.

The technology behind Chip & PIN machines was developed because of a need to improve the security underpinning card transactions. There was a need to better protect consumers, businesses as well as the card providers with increasing levels and sophistication of card fraud.

The fact is that people expect that a business will have a Chip & PIN machine on their premises, and often leave the house without cash. Not only can SalePay install as many Chip & PIN machines as your business needs, but we can do so at highly competitive rates.

The versatility and necessity of the Chip and PIN machine mean that every business should never be without one.