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SalePay Advance Epos System

With SalePay, your business can have the latest in advanced EPOS Systems. Our state of the art EPOS systems issue receipts, like their mechanical predecessor, but that’s where the similarities end.

Our EPOS systems utilise the most advanced technology to make marked improvements in the efficiency of your business. Our EPOS systems provide businesses with a fast and efficient way of handling sales, saving time, money and ensuring accuracy.

These EPOS systems handle all the calculations involved with sales, including totals and all change, but modern EPOS systems can do much more. They can integrate directly with credit card payment terminals, accurately manage stock levels, as well as harvest customer information.

The capability to manage inventory and CRM (customer relationship management) mean that our EPOS systems have a measurable impact to the bottom line in relation to time saved, and highlighting opportunities and weaknesses in an organisation take the example of an EPOS system that has been installed in retail store.

This kind of EPOS system could help with stock management, highlight what the stock levels are for the bestselling products, so you can ensure you have sufficient supplies. Simultaneously, it can also highlight products that are performing poorly.

Your businesses EPOS system can record a large amount of information about your business and how it operates, enabling you to make more informed decisions using more relevant and accurate data.