Pay By Card


Take Card payments anywhere, any time

Pay By Bank


Insure fast and secure bank transfers

Pay By Mobile


Transform any mobile phone & tablet into a payment solution

Pay by Terminals


Install the latest of payment technology in your business

Kiosk (Self-Service Payment Solutions)

SalePay a range of transactional self-service payment solutions suitable for a wide range of different businesses such as Tourism, Fast Food, Retail, Restaurants, Councils, Retail, and Education.

These kiosks range from wall mounted units, to durable outdoor free standing units. Payment kiosks are capable of offering customers a whole host of payment options including, Chip and Pin, Coins, Notes, and contactless, as well as offering receipts and offer customers change.

Payment kiosks also allow customers to make payments with speed in a safe and easy way. For example, a bill payment kiosks could allow the customer to pay their bills in person, avoiding queues and tying up valuable staff.

Payment Kiosks can also be augmented with an array of additional components including bar-code scanners, receipt printers, RFID readers and even keyboards. These kiosks can also be equipped with Contact-less payment systems through cards or via the customer’s mobile phones augmenting the customers' experience.

Providing customers with an integrated payment solution, as well as an easy to use touch screen system helps improves the buying process, which, in turn, improves the overall customer experiences.

Payment kiosks are particularly effective solutions in retail environments. Payment Kiosks can help to improve sales. Loyalty card kiosks allow shoppers to take advantage of promotions and make fast purchases online.

Fast track payment options also improve the quality, as well as the quantity of the service a business offers in many areas.