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SalePay Merchant Management Platform

Traditionally businesses who process debit card /credit card transactions have 3 statements which require reconciliation.

  1. Online Payments
  2. Gateway Statement
  3. Chip and Pin/ Epos payments.

Usually, the statements arrive monthly in arrears and need to be passed to an accounts department for reconciliation and posting into a back-office accountancy package.

All of the above is labour intensive and incur business costs.

SalePay has developed a system which allows all of the processing procedure to be delivered into a central reporting system which, via an online log, it enables a business owner and accounts department to see all transactions from all payment services in real time to, enabling cash flow to be viewed in real time.

The platform also can automatically post transactions into a back-office accountancy package without the requirement of any human intervention.

SalePay has developed an algorithm which will enable businesses to be able to save money on transaction fees and mitigate risk. This is done by having access to 168 acquiring banks worldwide who all have different risk profiles across all business sectors. We are able to set up competition amongst banks where competition currently does not exist.

SalePay identifies a card type which is included in the 16-digit card number. The card types are debit card, credit card, commercial credit card, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. When we have identified the card type, we can then send the transaction to the bank with the lowest cost transaction fee for the card type entered, saving you money.